• 3-year nationally recognised certificate
• Printable wall certificate
• CPD time credit conformation
• Includes Pet First Aid manual & other downloads
• Free weekly video refresher
• Evidence Based Training certificate
• Certificate with wallet card

£45.00pp Duration - up to 5 hours depending upon numbers


-Introduction to canine first aid
o Introduction to canine first aid
o What is pet first aid and why do we need it
o The vet and your role in first aid
o When is veterinary care required
o Keeping your pet safe in an emergency
o Car accidents
o Pet proofing your home
o ID tags and micro-chipping
o How pets show pain
o Checking the health of your pet

-Accidents and first aid
o Breathing and respiratory problems including choking
o Dog CPR
o Drowning and treatment
o Shock
o Broken bones
o Spinal injury and moving an injured pet

- Medical conditions
o Controlling bleeding
o Dressings and bandages
o Paw problems
o Ears, eyes and mouth
o Bandaging the ear
o Bandaging the tail
o Illnesses
o Digestive process
o Vomiting in animals
o Poisoning, bites and stings
o Burns and temperature problems
o Seizures and epilepsy
o Choking
o Snake bites on pets
o Ticks
o Insect Stings
o Lesions
o Bloat
o Pyometra
o Kennel cough
o Diabetes
o Parasites
o Alabama foot rot
o Blue green algae

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