• 3-year nationally recognised certificate
• 6 hours and 0 minutes of engaging video training
• Video access for 8 months
• Printable wall certificate
• CPD time credit conformation
• Includes manual & other downloads
• Free weekly video refresher
• Evidence Based Training certificate
• Videos include subtitles

Course duration – 12 hours total (6 hours online, 6 hours in classroom)

Price online £34.95 + VAT

Price classroom £65.00pp

• As a blended course – You will receive a certificate that says Advanced Pet First Aid and it includes the level 3 VTQ qualification.
• This qualification is also available with an Endorsed Certificate from TQUK, for an extra charge if required.


-Introduction to Advanced Pet First Aid
o Endorsed Pet First Aid Certificate Option
o Pet first aid and the law
o The vet and your role in first aid
o When is veterinary care required
o Keeping your pet safe in an emergency
o Car Accidents
o Pet proofing your home
o Hand hygiene
o Dog micro-chipping

-Pet Accidents and First Aid
o Breathing and respiratory problems including choking
o Dog CPR
o Drowning
o Shock
o Broken Bones
o Spinal injury and moving an injured pet

-Precautions and Safety
o Use of Muzzles
o Baskerville Muzzle
o Use of gloves
o Approaching a pet that has been injured

-Anatomy and Physiology
o Digestive Process
o Blood Vessels
o Types of Bones
o Breathing Mechanisms
o Circulation System
o Types of joints
o The Nervous System
o The Muscular System

-First Aid Kits and Equipment
o Pet First Aid Kits
o Advanced Pet First Aid Kit
o Pet First Aid Sprays
o Elizabethan Collars
o Pet First Aid Wipes
o Pet Wrap Bandages
o Bandage Aftercare
o Using a Foil Blanket
o Pet First Aid Kits

-Checking a Dog's Health
o Checking your pet's health and finding out what is normal
o Gum Colour
o Collecting a urine sample
o How pets show pain
o Taking a Pulse
o Taking the Temperature
o Vital Signs

-Pet Accidents and First Aid
o Classifications of an emergency
o Pet Recovery Position
o What to do if your cat has an accident

o CPR Introduction
o Pet CPR
o Pet CPR Practical Demonstration
o Drowning and Treatment
o Near and Secondary Drowning
o Oxygen and your pet

o Choking Overview
o Choking

-Bleeding Control
o Types of Bleeding
o Dressings, Bandages and Controlling Bleeding
o Pets and Tourniquets
o Haemostatic dressings on animals
o Shock

-Different Conditions you may see
o Breathing and respiratory problems
o Loss of Appetite
o Sneezing
o Dehydration in pets
o Lethargy
o Urination Problems
o Weakness and Collapse

o Suspected fractures
o Pet fractures treatment
o Spinal injury and moving an injured pet
o Paw Problems
o Ears, Eyes and Mouth
o Bandaging the Ear
o Bandaging the Tail
o Poisoning, Bites and Stings
o Ibruprofen and pets
o Carbon Monoxide and pets
o Vet Poison Information Line
o Inducing Vomiting in a dog
o Snake Bites on Pets
o Pet burns
o Electrocution

o Pets and Illnesses
o Bloat
o High Temperature and Heatstroke
o Hypothermia Treatment
o Vomiting in Animals
o Seizures and Epilepsy
o Allergies in pets
o Vomiting causes and types
o Pancreatitis
o Cushings Disease
o Coughing and kennel cough
o Diarrhoea in animals

-Parasites that affect pets
o Ticks
o Insect Stings
o Fly Strike
o Lungworm

o Restraining a Cat
o Paws and Claws
o Cat Vaccinations
o Cat Worming and Treatment
o Pedigree Cats
o The Pregnant Cat
o Adult Cats
o Cat Flu

-Different types and sizes of animals
o The older dog
o Small dog care
o Puppies and young animals

-Summary of Advanced Pet First Aid
o Pets and Fireworks
o Summary to the Pet First Aid App
o Summary to Advanced Pet First Aid

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