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Pet First Aid:
Pet first aid is a simple thing to learn with basic training. This fun and informative course is ideal for pet owners or pet professionals. It covers the main first aid subjects for Dogs and cats but this information is also suitable for most other animals.

Canine First Aid course is similar to our Pet First Aid course but for those who just want a course that only covers dogs.

Canine Body Language Now Available!
Wouldn't it be great if dogs could talk?
Learning how to read and interpret subtle body language and facial expression will allow us to understand what a dog is really trying to tell us. This fascinating subject will open up a whole new way of communicating with your dog that you may not even have realised was possible. You will truly begin to speak dog. This course will begin to answer some of the most misunderstood canine behaviours and as a result will change the way you interact with dogs forever.

You can attend courses in a scheduled venue or they can be delivered in the comfort of your own home or business…call or email for details.

*All courses (except Emergency Canine First Aid and Canine Body Language) are certified with ProTrainings - reviewed and approved, quality training programmes.

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